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Learn about Polkadot

  • Introduction - Introduction to the who, what, where, when, and why of Polkadot.
  • FAQ - Answers to some of the frequently asked questions in regard to Polkadot.

Digging deeper

  • Architecture - Overview of the Polkadot architecture.
  • Bridges - Overview of bridges.
  • Cryptography - Describes the cryptography used in Polkadot and where in the protocol it's employed.
  • Consensus - What is the consensus used in the Polkadot protocol and how does it compare to other consensus protocols?
  • DOT - Information on the DOT, the native token of the Polkadot protocol.
  • Governance - How does governance work in Polkadot?
  • Interchain Communication - Information regarding how interchain messaging works.
  • Parachains - Overview of parachains.
  • Parachain Auctions - Describes the mechanism for the auctioning of parachain slots.
  • Parathreads - A parathread is a way to share the scarce resource of a parachain slot among many parachain-"threads".
  • Phragmen - Information on the Phragmen method.
  • Polkadot Runtime Environment - Gives general information on the Polkadot Runtime Environment.
  • Randomness - What does Polkadot use for randomness and how?
  • Security - How does the Polkadot network remain secure?
  • SPREE - Shared Protected Runtime Execution Environments,
  • Staking - How does staking work in Polkadot?
  • Treasury - Making spending proposals on Polkadot and Kusama.
  • WebAssembly - What is WebAssembly and how is it used in Polkadot?


  • Glossary - Definitions of domain specific terms used in Polkadot documentation.
  • Implementations - List of implementations of the Polkadot protocol (who is building them and links to the source code).
  • Links - Comprehensive list of external links.
  • Roadmap - The implementation roadmap of Polkadot.