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Here we provide a list of tools available for your development needs. They are sorted by programming language. Right now, the Rust ecosystem is the most mature and it's possible to get started by building on Substrate today. As the ecosystems surrounding other programming languages expand, the sections below will be filled out.

Block Explorers


Network Monitoring & Reporting

  • Polkadot Telemetry Service - Network information including what nodes are running the chain, what software versions they are running, sync status, and map showing where they are located.
  • Polkabot - Polkadot network monitoring and reporting using Riot chat. Users may create custom bot plugins. Blogpost. Github Repository



  • Polkadot - Rust implementation of the Polkadot Runtime Environment.


  • Substrate - Blockchain development platform written in Rust. Polkadot is being built on top of Substrate.
  • Substrate Development Hub - Comprehensive documentation and tutorials for building a blockchain using Substrate.



  • Gossamer - A Go implementation of the Polkadot Runtime Environment.
  • Golkadot - A Go implementation of Polkadot Substrate.



Documentation on the Polkadot-JS is a good starting point for diving deeper.

Once you've configured and started to run a local node, you can interact with it through the generic polkadot explorer.


Polkadot-JS Common

Polkadot-JS Common provides various useful utility functions that are used across all projects in the @polkadot namespace and is split into a number of internal utility packages as follows. The documentation and usage instructions are provided at Polkadot-JS/Common API Documentation.

  • @polkadot/keyring To create / load accounts in JavaScript, helpful for creating wallets or any application which will require the user to write to chain. Examples
  • @polkadot/util Useful utility functions like checking if a string is hex encoded.
  • @polkadot/util-crypto Crypto utilities that will come into handy while developing with Polkadot.

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CLI Tools

RPC Tools