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As one of our objectives in the Web3 Foundation is pushing the Web3 technology stack, we would like to support any individual or team who wants to organize a hackathon that gets more developers to understand Polkadot/Substrate in your city.

We are not only providing technical resources for you, but we can have someone from our team give a hands-on workshop/presentation about the technology to help participants get started hacking on it more quickly.


  • NFT
  • Bonded Tokens
  • New governance modules with different styles of voting & democracy
  • Upgrade the TCR module
  • IPFS integration
  • Decentralized identity solutions
  • Oracle module
  • Implement Generalized State Channel/Plasma Chain
  • Decentralized Exchange
  • Tools for monitoring validator performance
  • dApps across different parachains

Why you should host a hackathon?

  • Love to deliver the vision of Web3
  • Learn the bleeding-edge technology
  • Believe the Web3 technology stack is suitable for developers to build their applications
  • Like to make connections

How do hackathons differ from workshops?

Hackathon is aimed at participants who want to deliver their prototype and demonstrate their ideas to reality in a short period (few hours - one day). Workshops are more for getting developers familiar with the tooling and understanding more about what are the resources currently available and how they can make use of it.

How can you run a hackathon in your city?

  1. Submit your application (Coming soon.)
  2. Review
  3. Decision
  4. Follow up

How we can help you

  • Provide technical resources/materials.
  • Find a venue.
  • Ensure the hackathon run smoothly.

Upcoming hackathon events

Coming soon.

Template / Starter packs

Coming soon.


Support / Contact

If you have any questions regarding organizing a hackathon, please free feel to contact us by email or ask us via Riot chat.