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Examples are helpful to demonstrate patterns of development. In this repository is collected some open source examples which will may be helpful for developers.

Substrate Runtimes


  • Shasper- Eth2.0 implemented as Substrate runtime.
  • Substrate TCR- Token curated registry as a runtime module.
  • Substrate ERC20 - ERC20 token standard implemented on Substrate.


  • AdEx Payment Channels using Substrate. Video. Repo.
  • Robonomics modules for integrating with ROS. Repo
  • Plasma on Substrate implemented by Staked Technologies. Repo
  • Edgeware. Repo
  • Zerochain privacy-focused runtime module.
  • Starlog, IPFS metadata on substrate. Repo
  • An example "Apple Store" to sell apples using Substrate. Repo
  • Darwinia, a cross-chain gaming platform. Repo
  • Joystream, a user governed video platform. Repo
  • IPFS browser. Repo
  • Substrate multisig. Repo
  • Merkle tree module. Repo
  • Parking spaces registry using Substrate. Repo
  • Substrate inherents sample. Repo
  • Collateralize non-fungible assets for cash. Repo
  • CidChain. Repo