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Wallets and Extensions


Using your due diligence in researching and using the wallets listed below would be best. For any issues related to these wallet, reach out to their support teams directly.


Explore Polkadot with a secure and user-friendly wallets listed on the Polkadot website.

If you are new to blockchain technology, generally a typical blockchain network account is a public-private key pair. Access to a private key gives full access to all the allowed transactions on that blockchain account. It is essential to keep the private key secure.

Typically, the account keys are either stored and accessed through a browser extension or a smartphone app (which are considered as a hot wallets as they are online), or an air-gapped device or a hardware wallet (which are considered as cold wallets as they are offline).

Not your keys, not your tokens!

With custodial wallets (like accounts in centralized exchanges), another party controls your private keys. Private keys are used to access funds in your account, so you trust the exchange that your key will always be given to you whenever you need it. With non-custodial wallets, only you can access your account's private key.

To realize the multichain vision of Polkadot, it is important to have non-custodial wallets that make it convenient to interact with multiple blockchains in Polkadot ecosystem. Below there is a list of all non-custodial treasury-funded wallets developed by the community.


Browser Extensions​

At a bare minimum, browser extension wallets act as key storage and management solution, allowing you to use your accounts with apps in the Web3 space. The wallets listed below offer functionality beyond that, allowing the featured actions to be performed directly through the extension. Some of them also allow interaction with air-gapped wallets and hardware devices.

WalletBrowsersStaking and Nomination PoolsNFTsCrowdloansLedger supportGovernanceOther features
EnkryptBrave, Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, SafariNo, NoYesNoYesNoEnkrypt Features
PolkaGateBrave, Chrome, Firefox, EdgeYes, YesNoYesYesYesPolkaGate features
SubWalletBrave, Chrome, Edge, FirefoxYes, YesYesYesYesNoSubWallet features
TalismanBrave, Chrome, Edge, FirefoxYes, YesYesYesYesNoTalisman features
Fearless WalletBrave, ChromeNo, NoYesNoNoNoFearless Wallet Features
Ledger support only for chromium-based browsers

Currently, all browser extensions support Ledger devices only on chromium-based browsers (i.e. Chrome, Brave, Edge, Opera).

Mobile Wallets​

Mobile wallets are fully packaged apps that allow all the featured actions, as well as the storage and management of your accounts, through the mobile app. Unlike browser extensions, mobile wallets usually can’t connect to third-party web apps. Some mobile wallets provide support for hardware wallets through Bluetooth connectivity.

WalletPlatformsStaking and Nomination PoolsNFTsCrowdloansLedger supportGovernanceProxy AccountsOther features
Fearless WalletiOS, AndroidYes, YesNoYesNoNoNoFearless Wallet Features
Nova Wallet*iOS, AndroidYes, YesYesYesYesYesYesNova Wallet features
PolkawalletiOS, AndroidYes, YesNoYesNoYesNoPolkawallet features
SubWalletiOS, AndroidYes, YesYesYesNoNoNoSubWallet features
*Note about Nova wallet

There's another Nova wallet that is unrelated to the Polkadot ecosystem. Users are advised to ensure that they use the correct Nova wallet by downloading the app from their official website: Before creating or restoring accounts, it is wise to double-check the wallet website URLs through official channels (most projects have it listed on their official social media handles).

Web Wallets​

Web Wallets are the all-in-one solution to accessing the Web3 space, allowing you to sign transactions on the web without having to download and install any browser extension and mobile app. With all of the features of mobile wallets, you can also connect to and interact with decentralized web apps.

WalletPlatformsStaking and Nomination PoolsLiquid StakingNFTsCrowdloansLedger supportGovernanceOther features
SubWalletAny web browsersYes, YesYesYesYesYesNoSubWallet features

Telegram Wallets​

Telegram Wallets are applications running ontop of the Telegram Messenger platform. These wallets typically provide a streamlined user experience and provide an easy way for new users to get started in the Polkadot ecosystem without having to download any new applications.

WalletPlatformsSelf-CustodialSend Tokens to Telegram UsernameSend Tokens to any AddressNotificationsOther features
TelenovaMobile, Desktop, WebYesYesYesYesTelenova Features


A multichain crypto wallet - Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polkadot, Kusama and a few parachains. Non-custodial, private, hardware wallet support (Ledger and Trezor). Private and open source. Hold, send, and receive tokens and NFTs. Swap tokens and bridge assets between chains. Manage multiple accounts on multiple networks. Connect to web3 apps. Recipient of a development grant from Web3 Foundation.

Fearless Wallet​

The Fearless DeFi Wallet for the Future. Simply, intuitively, and fearlessly interact with Web3. Currently supports Staking, Crowdloans, Parachain Accounts, Nomination Pools Native Staking, dApp Signer on desktop through your mobile phone (experimental), Chromium-based browser extension. Safety features such as Scam Address Warning and Network Failure Warnings help fearlessly navigate web3. Formerly funded and supported by Kusama Treasury [1, 2, 3, 4, 5], and the SORA community [1], developed with <3 by SORAMITSU. Stay Fearless!

Nova Wallet​

A user-friendly wallet for the Polkadot & Kusama ecosystems, providing a smooth web3 experience on both iOS and Android. Nova Wallet supports Polkadot OpenGov (including agile delegations), Governance v1 (including support for parachain governance), Staking, NFT management, XCM Transfers, Parity Signer & Ledger Support, DApp Support with Polkadot JS and Metamask/EVM Integration and crowdloans. Nova Wallet received funding from Kusama Treasury [1, 2], as well as funding from the Polkadot Treasury [1].


PolkaGate extension is a user-friendly and feature-rich wallet/extension, supported by the Kusama Treasury [1, 2]. It provides a diverse range of functionalities to enhance your experience, such as proxy management, open governance, pool staking management, spam address warning, support for address-only accounts, crowdloans, account export/import/derivation, ledger support, parachain accounts, phishing website detection, QR account import, solo staking, remote node selection, fund transfers, balance viewing in both cryptocurrency and USD, transaction history viewing, and the ability to generate QR codes for addresses.


Polkawallet provides cross-chain asset one-stop management, convenient staking, governance, and multiple DeFi services; the private key is self-owned. Polkawallet received funding from Kusama Treasury [1, 2].


A non-custodial Polkadot, Substrate & Ethereum wallet. Track, send, receive, and monitor multi-chain assets on 150+ networks. Import account with seed phrase, private key, QR code, and JSON file. Import token & NFT, attach read-only account. XCM Transfer, NFT Management, Parity Signer & Ledger support, light clients support, EVM DApp support, MetaMask compatibility, custom endpoints, fiat on-ramp, phishing detection, transaction history. SubWallet received funding from Polkadot Treasury [1, 2, 3, 4].


A better way to explore Web3. Keep your assets safe, manage your portfolio and explore Polkadot and Ethereum apps with Talisman. Interact with Web3 apps, store your favourite crypto assets and manage your accounts on over 150+ Substrate and EVM networks. NFT Management, ledger Support, fiat On-ramp, portfolio tracking. Talisman received funding from Polkadot Treasury [1].


Telenova is a brand new self-custodial Polkadot wallet that runs directly in Telegram providing you with a simple and clean user interface to manage your DOT & KSM tokens. Send crypto to anyone in Telegram, Buy/Sell DOT and KSM tokens, get notified about your balance changes, view your total balance in multiple fiat currencies, secured by your personal Telegram cloud and manual backups.

Use Telenova on any of your devices β€” be it mobile or desktop β€” within the same Telegram account, and start exploring the Polkadot ecosystem today!