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Thousand Validators Programme

The Thousand Validators Programme is an initiative by Web3 Foundation and Parity Technologies to use the funds held by both organizations to nominate validators in the community.

It serves two major purposes:

  1. Give validators a structured on-ramp to join the active set of validators on Kusama and Polkadot
  2. Further decentralize the validator active set.

How it Works

The nominating backend will routinely change its nominations at every era. It will nominate validators which fit all the requirements and are eligible. Of this pool, it will nominate as many as possible although some validators which are eligible might not receive nominations every round (due to the constraint of nominating a maximum of 16 validators per nominator). If a validator is active during a single nomination period (the time after a new nomination and before the next one) and does not break any of the requirements, it will have its rank increased by 1. Validators with higher rank have performed well within the programme for a longer period of time.

Setting up a Validator

Please see the guide on how to set up a validator as well as additional information on how to secure a validator.

How to Apply

Entrance to the Polkadot programme requires a rank of 25 or higher in the Kusama programme. This usually takes about a month. The leaderboard is available here. In order to apply to the Polkadot programme, set up your node to adhere to the requirements below and fill in the application form. You will hear back from the team shortly.


  • Verified identity (see here for instructions)
  • Connect to dedicated telemetry (use --telemetry-url 'wss:// 1' when starting the node)
  • Minimum of 5_000 DOTs self stake (exceptions by approval for good intentions)
  • No more than 3% commission
  • Separate controller and stash (or have a Staking proxy set up)
  • Must be on the latest release
  • Reward destination 'Staked'


The below addresses are the stash / controller pairs for the nominators involved in the Polkadot Thousand Validators programme. They are formatted like "stash / controller".

  • 14Ns6kKbCoka3MS4Hn6b7oRw9fFejG8RH5rq5j63cWUfpPDJ / 16XJHQ58dEPnZn5J5YqmRcJmKtvVFFMoMrXgj6fWJfeGGkQw
  • 12RYJb5gG4hfoWPK3owEYtmWoko8G6zwYpvDYTyXFVSfJr8Y / 13GLXK1TZKKDM9aRBBK3VYZymHjKChtQjJznsRqaR9dwwrQU
  • - 16GMHo9HZv8CcJy4WLoMaU9qusgzx2wxKDLbXStEBvt5274B / 16eM1npMwKzpGy48NDna1jC6P71S783wjpbdeKT8RgzQx8Jd

A time delay proxy is used as the interaction method for some of these accounts.

Since approximately early January 2021, the nominators will select an automatic number of validators to nominate based on the lowest amount staked for a validator and the amount of funds it holds. This can be anywhere from a few validators receiving nomination from a single nominator to the max of 16.