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Polkadot Parachain Apps

Polkadot dApps

Join the global Web3 movement – be among the first to try out innovative dapps running on Polkadot. You can browse the list of dApps on the official Polkadot website. This page also features a form that can be submitted to showcase dApps that are not already listed.

Community Page

It is recommended to have the parachain apps added to the official Polkadot website and then use this page to elaborate their key features to the Pokadot Wiki readers. This page is open to contributions from the community. Please follow the Wiki contribution guidelines and add your parachain app to this page.

Astar Network

Astar is an interoperable smart contracts platform for Polkadot and Ethereum ecosystems supporting both Wasm and EVM smart contracts. Astar provides native access to Polkadot and Ethereum through its parachain slot and Layer 2 scaling solution, while also offering bridges into other major blockchain ecosystems.

Through the dApp staking, Astar offers a basic income to dApp developers, which allows them to continue building and enhancing their dApps without a pressing need to apply for grant programs, issue tokens and fundraise to earn money. At every block, a portion of the rewards goes to dApp staking and is then divided between operators (developers) and nominators. As a dApp grows in popularity, more members of the community nominate the dApp, and this, in turn, enables the developers who built the dApp to receive a greater percentage of the block reward.

Astar Portal

Astar Portal is a one-stop-place for interaction with Astar ecosystem, and an exclusive platform for Astar dApp staking — users can nominate their Astar/Shiden tokens on specific dApps they wish to support and get a portion of the rewards distributed at every block. Portal also allows unbonding, rewards compounding and nomination transfer.

Astar Portal supports Polkadot native accounts (Polkadot.js, Talisman, SubWallet, Clover, Math Wallet, Hana Wallet, OneKey), Multisig accounts (PolkaSafe) and EVM accounts (MetaMask, Talisman, SubWallet, Hana Wallet, OneKey).

Astar dApps

Astar Network allows developers to use and build smart contracts in ways they never have before, leading to the realization of truly innovative solutions that can't be replicated in any other environment.

ArthSwap is a one-stop DeFi protocol that aspires to be the main DEX on the Astar Network. The primary products are trading, staking, IDO launchpad, and liquidity farming, with other capabilities to be consistently added.

Algem is a native liquid staking DeFi dApp on top of Astar Network, offering new ways for ASTR users and holders to earn more. It empowers users to increase their earnings potential by staking while yield farming.

AstridDAO aims to be the leading decentralized money market protocol and the dominant stablecoin, $BAI, in the Astar/Polkadot ecosystem. AstridDAO is a decentralized borrowing protocol that allows users to draw interest-free loans against multiple collateral assets (e.g., ASTR, ETH, BTC).

Starlay Finance is a protocol for users to quickly and easily deposit and borrow assets on Astar Network. In other words, users can do “Low Risk Farming on Astar Network”. Depositors can provide liquidity to earn interest as a stable passive income, while borrowers can leverage their assets without selling them out.

Zenlink is an underlying cross-chain DEX protocol. By accessing the ultimate, open and universal cross-chain DEX protocol based on Substrate, Zenlink DEX Protocol enables all parachains to build DEX and achieve liquidity sharing in one click.

XY Finance is a cross-chain interoperability protocol aggregating DEXs & Bridges. Based on the data from DeFi Llama, XY Finance is the top bridge protocol on Astar, opening gateways to users who have yet to experience Astar’s ecosystem.

SiO2 Finance is the Multi-VM Lending Hub on Astar for Polkadot, that supports both EVM and WASM. SiO2 Finance is the built of the community, by the community, for the community.

tofuNFT is a permissionless, decentralized and full-featured NFT marketplace, providing numerous creative improvements to the existing marketplace experience like incentivized bidding, real-time notification, attributes filtering, bulk listing, and rarity explorer.

Bluez is a distinctive NFT marketplace that empowers users to create, purchase, and sell NFTs with the power of XVM (Cross Virtual Machine). This community-driven platform offers a versatile and adaptable approach to NFT trading, enabling users to harness the benefits of both EVM and WASM for greater flexibility and convenience.

In Cosmize everybody can create and customize their own cosmic imagination. This platform allows for creating community activities, events, quests, and more. It is a place for making imagination become reality, to embrace the spirit of decentralization through community-driven activities.

HEALTHREE platform allows users to earn unique tokens ($UHT: Utility Health Token / $GHT: Governance Health Token) by engaging in ongoing healthy activities, especially diet, exercise, and sleep. In addition, users can earn additional tokens and rewards through gamification.

Discover more Astar dApps on Astar Portal.

Bifrost Finance

Bifrost is a dedicated liquid staking middle layer built on Substrate, powered by Polkadot, providing non-custodial decentralized cross-chain liquid tokens for staked assets. By leveraging Polkadot’s cross-consensus message format (XCM), Bifrost provides standardized cross-chain liquid staking solutions for multiple chains currently Polkadot (vDOT), Kusama (vKSM), Moonbeam (vGLMR), Moonriver (vMOVR) and other chains notably vASTR (Astar) and vFIL (Filecoin).

Through Bifrost Staking Liquidity Protocol (SLP), Bifost facilitates the issuance and deployment of liquid staked assets (“vTokens' '), allowing users to earn staking rewards while retaining their governance rights and participating in DeFi, such as liquidity provisioning on DEXs, providing collateral on lending/borrowing protocols and for stablecoin issuance as well as restaking for securing decentralized solutions. Bifrost vTokens are reward-bearing liquid staking tokens representing the users staked asset, including returns from staking. As staking rewards are received, vTokens increase in value without changing the quantity of tokens.

Bifrost aims to offer seamless staking and DeFi experience for Proof of Stake (PoS) users and enable developers to build innovative applications around Bifrosts’ liquid staking tokens.

Bifrost dApp

Bifrost recent development of SLPx, is an extension pallet to Bifrost SLP that will allow users to invoke SLP's functionality on a remote chain without crossing assets into the Bifrost chain, allowing users to mint, redeem, swap vTokens remotely on the target chain. Leveraging this, developers can use and build innovative solutions around chain abstraction and solving liquidity and user fragmentation challenges.

Omni LS DApp is a front-end application that supports remote minting and redemption of Bifrost liquid staking tokens (LST) “vTokens”, as well as remote exchange, and swapping of vTokens from any chain. The DApp aims to simplify the cross-chain experience by providing a seamless interface for users to interact with vTokens across different chains natively.