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Polkadot Multisig Apps

Community Page

This page is open to contributions from the community. Please follow the Wiki contribution guidelines and add your Multisig app to this page.

List of Multisig apps in Polkadot Ecosystem


Quick Link: Demo | Website | Twitter | Telegram | Github

  • Support for Various Account Types: Mimir supports a range of account types including Flexible Multisig, Static Multisig, Nested Multisig, and Extension Wallets.
  • Transaction Tracking: Offers real-time synchronization of transactions across different account levels.
  • Third-Party Application Integration: Users can access third-party applications with their multisig identities. Mimir currently supports integration with applications like Polkadot.js and is planning to expand to others.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Designed for ease of use, making complex multisig operations more accessible.

Multix by Chainsafe​

Walk-Through Video Tutorial

See this video tutorial and this article for more information about using Multix for multisig accounts.

The Multix tool is an easy-to-use interface to manage complex multisigs. The tool is part of the open-source Polkadot/Kusama Tech Stack. Besides being user-friendly, Multix provides several benefits:

  • When one person creates the multisig account, all the signatories see the multisig account on their interface.
  • There is no need to pass around the call data to confirm a transaction. Such information is retrieved from the chain and displayed to the users.
  • Thanks to the power of pure proxies, adding and removing signatories or adjusting the threshold is now possible without creating new multisigs and Multix provides an intuitive interface to work with pure proxies.

The pure proxy setup used by MultiX can be seen on the pure proxy page.

Nova Spektr​

Nova Spektr is your all-in-one Polkadot Wallet, engineered with enterprise-grade capabilities such as multisigs, proxy accounts, hardware wallets, light clients, and much more. Nova Spektr is designed to meet the requirements of enterprises, power users, and individual users alike – funded by the Polkadot Treasury

  • Multichain Wallet – Nova Spektr supports 80+ Polkadot ecosystem networks, and hundreds of tokens consolidating them all under a single interface!
  • Multisigs – Experience superior security with truly multi-chain Multisig Wallets in Nova Spektr!
  • Proxy Discovery – Discover all your Proxy accounts automatically when importing your wallet into Nova Spektr!
  • Collaborative Asset Management – Manage your assets in a simple, secure, and collaborative manner, requiring a predefined level of consensus to be reached for each transaction’s authorization.
  • Hardware Wallet Support – Safeguard your assets even further by pairing your hardware wallet with Nova Spektr!
  • Light Clients – Unleash an unstoppable, fast, and trustless working environment with Nova Spektr by utilizing locally hosted blockchain nodes to manage your digital assets in the Polkadot ecosystem!
  • Data Verification – Benefit from Polkadot and Kusama Light Clients to cryptographically verify data from public blockchain nodes!
  • Open Source & Trustless – Your data remains yours β€” Nova Spektr never stores or tracks user data!

Polkadot Multisig by Signet​

Polkadot Multisig by Signet is user-friendly software that helps teams and businesses use multisigs in the Polkadot ecosystem. Multisigs are generally used by organizations to hold treasury assets, pay employees or service providers, receive grants or manage an organization's on-chain identity.

Polkadot Multisig is designed to be usable by a non-technical business user and enables a user to be productive and understand multisig transactions. Further information is available on Polkadot Multisig guide.


Talisman Signet supports multisig ops and enterprise workflow for onchain organisations. Enterprise features and self-hosted options are available. Signet is proprietary, where as Polkadot Multisig by Signet is free.



Polkasafe - Your gateway to the Ultimate MultiSig experience on Polkadot.

Gone are the days of cumbersome MultiSig transactions. PolkaSafe redefines the way you interact with the Polkadot Blockchain, making MultiSig operations not just safer but also incredibly user-friendly.

  • Seamless MultiSig Transactions: With PolkaSafe, initiating, approving, and executing MultiSig transactions is a breeze. Whether you're managing funds, delegating responsibilities, or simply securing your assets, the platform's intuitive design ensures every step is straightforward.
  • Collaborative Asset Management: Engage in collective decision-making with stakeholders, team members, or partners. PolkaSafe's collaborative tools make it easy to propose, discuss, and finalize MultiSig transactions, ensuring transparency and consensus. Extrinsic Management: Beyond standard transactions, PolkaSafe simplifies extrinsics – specialized instructions or functions on the Polkadot Blockchain.
  • Whether you're interacting with smart contracts, parachains, or other advanced features, PolkaSafe's MultiSig capabilities ensure every extrinsic is secure and efficient.
  • User-Centric Design: Every feature, from initiating a transaction to diving deep into extrinsics, is designed for clarity and ease.