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Polkadot-JS Guides about the Treasury

See this page to learn about the Polkadot Treasury.

Creating a Treasury Proposalโ€‹

Your proposal should address a problem, outline a goal, give a detailed account of how you will reach that goal, and include any ongoing maintenance needs. As much as possible, you should itemize the tasks to be completed so fees can be evaluated and milestones can be followed. You can check the guidelines for a successful proposal and fill out the Treasury proposal template provided.

Announcing the Proposalโ€‹

To minimize storage on-chain, proposals don't contain contextual information. When a user submits a proposal, they will need to find an off-chain way to explain the proposal:

Spreading the word about the proposal's explanation to the community is ultimately up to the proposer.

Use Accounts with Verified On-Chain Identity for Treasury Proposals

To ensure legitimacy, it is required that the account linked to the Treasury proposal has an identity set and is verified by an on-chain registrar.

Submit Treasury Proposal Preimageโ€‹

The example below shows how to create a preimage for a transaction that requests 100 DOT from Treasury.

  • Navigate to Polkadot-JS UI > Governance > Preimages and then click on Add Preimage.
  • Select the account which will be used to submit the preimage.
  • Choose treasury pallet in the "propose" dropdown and the spend(amount, beneficiary)call
  • Enter the DOT amount.
  • Enter the AccountID of the beneficiary (which has a verified on-chain identity).
  • Submit preimage
  • Sign and submit the transaction by paying the specified transaction fees.
Preimage Submission Deposit

A deposit is required for the preimage to be stored on chain. The preimage deposit is proportional to the amount of information stored within the preimage. The deposit amount required for a preimage with a treasury spend transaction is around 41 DOT. Ensure you have enough account balance to pay for the submission deposit and the transaction fees.

Treasury Preimage

After successful submission of the preimage, it is displayed on Polkadot-JS UI > Governance > Preimages page. Every preimage is associated with a unique preimage hash (highlighted in a box in the image below). Take a note of this preimage hash, which is required to submit a referendum.

Treasury Preimage Hash

Submit a Treasury Track Referendumโ€‹

The example below shows how to submit a Treasury track referendum.

  • Navigate to Polkadot-JS UI > Governance > Referenda and then click on Submit proposal.
  • Select the account which will be used to submit the proposal.
  • Choose the appropriate submission track (The example below selected Small Spender track).
  • Enter the preimage hash of the treasury spend transaction.(If the preimage exists on-chain, the preimage length box is automatically populated)
  • Click on Submit proposal.
  • Sign and submit the transaction.

Submit Treasury Proposal

Once your submission is executed, your referendum will appear under your chosen track on the Polkadot-JS UI referenda page.

Place a Decision Deposit for the Treasury Track Referendumโ€‹

For the referendum to move from preparing phase to the deciding phase, a decision deposit needs to be placed. The decision deposit values for each individual Treasury Tracks are listed in a section above in this document.

Submit Treasury Proposal Decision Deposit

The preimage and decision deposits can be claimed once the referendum ends.

Submit Treasury Proposal via Polkassemblyโ€‹

To submit a treasury track referendum via Polkassembly click on the FAB button in the bottom right corner. Then,

  • Click on "Create Treasury Proposal" and choose an address for the proposer

  • After choosing an address, you will enter a three-stage guideline:

    • Write a proposal: you can add a detailed description for the proposal, which will be stored on Polkassembly. Alternatively, you can link an existing discussion post.


    • Create a preimage: an existing preimage can be linked, or a new one can be created. To create a preimage, add the beneficiary address and the DOT amount. The track will be auto-selected and the user can proceed with the creation of a preimage.


    • Create a proposal: final confirmation about the proposal creation. The description of the proposal and the preimage are automatically linked to the proposal.

Requesting Tips from the Treasuryโ€‹

To request a tip funded by the treasury, you can follow the above steps for creating a treasury proposal but instead of submitting the proposal to the 32 / Small Spender track, you will need to submit it to the 30 / Small Tipper or 31 / Big Tipper tracks depending on the number of tokens to be requested.

Briefly, you will need to:

  • Create a preimage using the treasury.Spend extrinsic and specifying the number of tokens and the beneficiary of the tip
  • Submit a proposal to the right track (i.e. 30 or 31) using the preimage hash
  • Once you started the referendum go to Polkassembly, log in with the proposer account and edit the referendum details
  • Notify the Polkadot Direction Element Channel about your referendum
  • Place the decision deposit before the -day timeout
  • Once the referendum ends you can claim the preimage and decision deposits back