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Polkadot Governance Apps

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This page is open to contributions from the community. Please follow the Wiki contribution guidelines and add your Governance app to this page.



Polkassembly is a platform specifically designed to foster open, transparent discussions around Polkadot and Kusama governance proposals. By bridging on-chain decisions with off-chain discussions, Polkassembly ensures that the community remains at the heart of the decision-making process.

1. Getting Started with Polkassembly (

  • Registration: Begin by registering on Polkassembly. Choose between email/password sign-up or use web3 enabled wallets.
  • Authentication: To provide maximum security, Polkassembly enables a two-factor authentication process.
  • Linking Your Polkadot or Kusama Account:
    1. Connect your Polkadot or Kusama account from Subwallet, Talisman, Nova, Polkadot.JS for seamless proposal tracking and voting.
    2. Polkasafe (for multisigs) - vote and create proposals with Multisigs by logging in with Polkasafe

2. Navigating the Polkassembly Interface (

  • Dashboard: Provides a snapshot of active proposals, treasury motions, referenda, and public discussions.
  • User Profile: Customize your profile settings, manage notifications, and view your activity.

3. Proposals, Motions, and Referenda (

  • Viewing Details: Access comprehensive details of each proposal, including current status, voting tally, and associated discussions.
  • Participating in Discussions: Engage with the community, share insights, ask questions, and contribute to a transparent decision-making process.

4. Delegating on Polkassembly (

  • Understanding Delegation: Delegate your voting power to community members you trust, enhancing the democratic process.
  • How to Delegate: Navigate to the Delegation section, choose a delegate, specify the amount, and confirm the delegation.

5. Notifications and Alerts (

  • Custom Notifications: Receive real-time updates on topics of interest, proposal status changes, and more.
  • Setting Alerts: Customize alert preferences to receive notifications tailored to your interests.

6. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Integration with Polkadot: Polkassembly fetches on-chain data directly from the Polkadot/Substrate node, ensuring real-time accuracy.

Dive into the world of Polkadot governance with Polkassembly and be an active part of the future! For deeper insights or specific tutorials, please refer to the official documentation at


SubSquare is a governance platform well-designed for substrate based chains. It monitors on-chain governance events and provides user interfaces to facilitate various governance workflow. It has supported tens of chains including polkadot, kusama, acala, centrifuge, hydradx, interlay, phala, etc. Please check all deployments here.

Delegation Dashboard

The Polkadot Delegation Dashboard is a web3 application that allows you to delegate your voting power on Polkadot OpenGov.

How to get added as a Delegate on the Dashboard?

Anyone interested in being listed as a delegate can add their details on the Governance-UI repository.

To make OpenGov multi-role delegation easy and intuitive, Delegation Dashboard provides an interactive interface that displays the list of delegates and their details. The video tutorial below walks through the features of the Delegation Dashboard and shows how to perform multi-role delegation.

For detailed instructions on how to delegate your voting power using dashboard, check this support guide..

If you become a nomination pool member or a pool admin, you cannot participate in Governance with the bonded tokens in the pool, as they are held in a system account.