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Decentralized Voices Program

The Decentralized Voices program for Polkadot empowers broader community participation in Polkadot OpenGov by delegating 42 Million DOT of voting power.

Decentralized Votes

Building on the success of previous initiatives like the Thousand Validators Programme and the Decentralized Futures Program, Web3 Foundation is working on decentralizing governance within the Polkadot ecosystem to ensure a fair decision-making process. In line with the Foundation's ethos, this program seeks to amplify the voices of passionate and knowledgeable participants who may lack significant DOT holdings, aiming to mitigate potential marginalization. This initiative does not impact existing programs like the Thousand Validators Program, as the tokens allocated can be used for both staking and governance.

How to Apply

Please fill out this application provided by Web3 Foundation. Information requested in the form includes the following:

  • The Polkadot address to which you would like to have DOT delegated. This account must have a verified identity, including at least one of the following fields: X (formerly Twitter), Matrix (Element), or email.
  • A link to a publicly accessible declaration of your Polkadot “political philosophy” and/or agenda on the Polkadot Forum. This can include an actual philosophical statement, analogies to other political philosophies, opinions on previous Referenda or governance decisions, or any other way you would like to explain to people how you would vote in the future. This should be at least one paragraph.
  • A description of why you would be a good choice for this program. This can include such information as previous votes (including votes with other accounts if you can prove you own them), as well as commentary, blog posts, etc. on Polkadot OpenGov or specific referenda. It can also include other information that you would consider relevant to decision making, e.g. being part of other political groups or legislative bodies.

The Decentralized Voices program initially designates delegates who will be receiving delegated funds. In addition to the platforms mentioned above, to expand their reach, participants can showcase their governance contributions and political philosophy through public declarations and active engagement (optionally) on other social media platforms such as:

Delegations are subject to review, and non-compliance may result in revocation.

The Decentralized Voices program commenced on February 6, 2024, offering an opportunity for dedicated community members to shape the future of the Polkadot ecosystem. For more detailed information, see the original Medium article.