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Decentralized Futures Program

The new Decentralized Futures Program supplements the Grants Program, and (as the name suggests) it strengthens the decentralization of the Polkadot ecosystem.


This program is set to distribute 20 million USD and 5 million DOT tokens to support individuals and teams as they launch new initiatives to grow the Polkadot ecosystem. The main objective is to expand the network by adding self-sustaining participants. Funding is available for Polkadot-focused organizations aim to generate profit and for non-profit ventures that have a strategy to secure ongoing financing through Polkadot's on-chain treasury system beyond 2024.

The Program is run by the Web3 Foundation, which is a not-for-profit organization that supports Web3 teams and open-source projects through funding, advocacy, research, and collaboration.

Program Goal

The goal of the Decentralized Futures Program is to kickstart economically independent, active participants in the Polkadot ecosystem.


To apply for funding to the Decentralized Futures fill this form. The form will guide you through each step of the application. You are also encouraged to post the idea in the Polkadot forum upfront. If you have any questions, you can reach out to the W3F Decentralized Futures Community on Element.

Proposals have to be submitted before July 1st, 2024. Applications will be reviewed from Dec 1st, 2023 - Jul 31st, 2024 on a rolling basis.

Selection Criteria

In the current phase, we intentionally maintain openness in our approach. This deliberate choice stems from recognizing that specific initiatives demand substantial and bold efforts, often incurring significant costs, particularly in areas where traditional go-to-market functions are no longer in play. Conversely, there are instances where individuals require relatively modest funding in the tens of thousands to initiate their projects. This broad approach avoids constraining people's creativity and allows for many possibilities. However, it does come with the drawback of prolonged application processing times.

Several factors significantly enhance the likelihood of application success:

  • A well-thought-out and compelling plan outlining the project’s sustainability beyond 2024 is crucial. While injecting funds into the ecosystem is straightforward, convincing customers or the community of the value behind that financial investment poses a more substantial challenge.
  • Applicants are encouraged to provide a detailed breakdown of how the requested funds will be utilized, with granularity increasing proportionally with the amount sought. This meticulous approach ensures transparency and accountability in the allocation of resources.
  • A demonstrated willingness to receive a more significant portion of the value in long-term DOT rather than immediate FIAT, aligning with the broader ecosystem's goals.