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Current Contributors

The following is a list of regular contributors to the Polkadot Wiki and Kusama Guide. Each contributor's contact information is listed as a precaution - if one of these people ever contacts you directly, first check the contact information to see that it matches the origin of the message, and then feel free to get in touch with someone else on this list to verify the legitimacy of the original inquiry. Employee impersonation is a very common type of scam.

For other ways of protecting yourself, please see How to Protect Yourself from Scams.

Bill Laboon

Bill Laboon is the Technical Education Lead at Web3 Foundation, after spending the previous five years teaching Computer Science at the University of Pittsburgh. He is the author of two books: A Friendly Introduction to Software Testing, an undergraduate textbook; and Strength in Numbers, a near-future novel set in a world in which cryptocurrency has eliminated traditional money.

Joe Petrowski

Joe is a research analyst at Parity Technologies, where he focuses on making Substrate chain integration as smooth as possible, from educating users on Substrate and Polkadot fundamentals to building tools to create great user experiences and occasionally writing a bit of code. He also hosts the Relay Chain podcast. Prior to working at Parity, Joe worked in shock and vibration simulation for satellite launch, algorithmic trading, and professional cycling. He has a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical and Mechanical Engineering.

Jake Hemmerle

Jake is a technical education intern at Web3 Foundation and is completing his Bachelors in Computer science from the University of Cincinnati. He has been learning about blockchain technology since 2018 and has long personal interests in peer-to-peer systems, network protocols, applied cryptography and privacy enhancing technologies. Jake helps maintain the Wiki and is contributing to the w3f/schnorrkel library.

Danny Salman

Danny is a Technical Educator at Web3 Foundation from Canada. He has a keen interest for blockchain technologies and has an admiration for the Web 3.0 vision. Danny focuses on educational content at Web3 Foundation and acts on his passion for learning & education. He has a background in computer engineering, politics, and philosophy.

Emre Surmeli

Emre is a Technical Educator at Web3 Foundation. His background is in full stack software development, education, and blockchain technology consulting. He is passionate about learning and teaching and has always kept a foot in education by designing and delivering software development and blockchain classes at General Assembly, Code Fellows, and Columbia University.

Radhakrishna Dasari

Radha is a Technical Educator at Web3 Foundation. Radha has a PhD in Computer Science and has three years of experience teaching Computer Science courses. He also taught a Massively Open Online Course (MOOC) on Coursera. He is excited to contribute to Web3 Foundation's vision by educating professionals and the general public about Web 3.0 Technology Stack.

Alex Chau

Alex is a Technical Education Intern at Web3 Foundation. He is preparing to receive his Computer Science B.S. from San Francisco State University. Outside of his formal education, Alex has developed a deep passion for educating others on decentralized systems and pushing forward the Web 3.0 vision. He has educational experience in cryptography, data privacy, and enterprise security.

Past Contributors

The following contributors are no longer participating in an official capacity.

Bruno Skvorc

Bruno joined the crypto ecosystem full time in 2015 with the advent of Ethereum, and created educational resources, tutorials and newsletters for budding developers of the industry. Since 2019 he's been a technical educator at Web3 Foundation. He is passionate about decentralization, censorship resistance, and transparency coupled with accountability, so he's found his passion in immutable ledgers of the present and future.

In a previous life, he was a web developer and senior PHP editor at SitePoint, which culminated in a book about web-dev-friendly virtual environments.

In his quest for developer health, he likes to combine fitness and gaming and can be found in VR on Oculus and Steam as TheSwader. He also runs a weekly newsletter covering all things Web3 at Dot Leap.

You can now find Bruno hacking the NFT universe by leading the way at RMRK to create the NFT standard in the Polkadot ecosystem.

Anson Lau

Anson was a Technical Educator at Web3 Foundation. Before that, he worked as a Hyperledger blockchain developer to deliver B2B applications at IBM. He is passionate about staking, governance, cryptoeconomics, and privacy areas. Anson has been actively participating in the blockchain space since 2017 and creating video content to help different people understand how decentralization could deliver us a better future.

Kirsten Richard

Kirsten was a Technical Educator intern at Web3 Foundation from Canada. She's passionate about teaching and technology, while still studying her Computer Science bachelor's degree. She focused on curating educational content around blockchain and Polkadot concepts.

Logan Saether

Logan was a Technical Educator at Web3 Foundation where he worked on creating material for supporting the development of the next generation of distributed technologies. At Web3 Technical Education, Logan focused on creating the Polkadot Wiki as the central source of truth and knowledge for the Polkadot protocol. He contributed to the creation of written content and example applications that demonstrate how to use these new technologies.