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Substrate Builders Programme

Over 150 projects are using Substrate to create the next generation of blockchain infrastructure and application-specific chains.

The Substrate Builders Program is an initiative by Parity Technologies to take your Substrate project to the next level.

Projects building Substrate-based blockchains, applications, or ecosystem components can receive support for technical challenges, strategy, and ecosystem building from Parity’s extensive experience and resources.

Square One Initiative

The Square One initiative is a step behind the Substrate Builders Program as it helps early-stage teams who are committed to building on polkadot find their feet in the ecosystem.

Square One's primary purpose as a program is to help tailor a specific pathway across our Substrate resources that act as a lighthouse for new and early-stage projects, developers & builders that are committed to building on Polkadot.

The objective of Square One is threefold:

  • To accelerate the development of teams in the Polkadot ecosystem.
  • Identify needs & blockers that teams face and address them accordingly in the most efficient manner.
  • Create a dedicated pathway for each team based on their needs and track them accordingly.

There are many ways to build on Substrate, and the ecosystem comprises numerous toolkits and resources for education, development, and funding. The initiative guides teams down the most appropriate path of tools and support resources, enabling them to accomplish their goals and launch new products with minimum friction.

The resources available through Square One can be grouped into various categories:

  • Funding - Apply for grants, including access to education and support on how to access funding through the Polkadot Treasury and the Web3 Foundation Grants Program, Accelerators & VCs.

  • Education - Gain recognized certifications, join Hackathons, apply for the Polkadot Blockchain Academy to expand one’s programming expertise to develop a project’s POC/MVP.

  • Tech mentoring - Access mentorship groups to help make your development market fit.

  • Product development - Get directed towards external parties interested in Substrate development projects.

  • Development support - Completely bespoke development resources are available to aid the project development and growth.


There are three tracks builders can take for the program.

Chains track

This track supports builders who are building application-specific chains, which include parachains, parathreads and independent chains too.

Infrastructure track

This track supports builders who are building ecosystem-based infrastructure, which may be in the form of tooling, UI, middleware, bridges, and more.

Application track

This track supports builders who are building on top of Substrate-based chains.

Check out the official Substrate Builders Program site for more information and steps on how to apply.