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Polkadot Alpha Program

Over 150 projects are using the Polkadot SDK to create the next generation of blockchain infrastructure and application-specific chains.

The Polkadot Alpha Program is an initiative by Parity Technologies to take your Polkadot SDK-powered project to the next level.

Take your project from idea to market with comprehensive resources and collaborative development while seizing the opportunity to shape the future of the Polkadot ecosystem.

Who can join the program?

The Polkadot Alpha Program is for teams with a project they want to take into production and business execution. If your team is working on something that’s not yet live, and you are ready to experiment while receiving and providing feedback, get involved now.

  • Parachain teams - Focused on developing new chains or products within the Polkadot network, aiming to transition from prototypes to fully operational parachains and accessing coretime.

  • Infrastructure providers - Dedicated to enhancing the ecosystem's underlying architecture, including node services, security solutions, API interfaces, and testing for robustness and integration.

  • Dapp teams - Engaged in exploring and validating innovative blockchain concepts, leveraging the program's resources to refine and scale their ideas into viable projects.

Why join the Polkadot Alpha Program?

The term "Alpha" comes from alpha testing, a form of pre-production testing and iteration of product development. The program aims to enable your team to tap into Polkadot’s ecosystem of resources and bring your product into production while contributing to feedback for Polkadot’s ecosystem.

Check out the official Polkadot Alpha Program site for more information and steps on how to apply.